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MEU Tallinn 2015

MEU Tallinn 2015 took place between July 26-31, 2015.

Four proposals were discussed in four different Councils as well as during a plenary session of the European Parliament.

The Economic & Financial Affairs Council worked on money laundering through financial systems (Directive 2013/0025). Meanwhile, the Competitiveness Council discussed market surveillance and product safety, seeking to introduce effective market surveillance measures to counteract traders who knowingly ignore product safety regulations in order to increase their profits.
The Justice & Home Affairs Council was also working on its own proposal, aiming at improving the EU Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation, also known as Eurojust.
Last but not least, the General Affairs Council negotiated an entirely new package of regulation for the handling of personal data of citizens of the EU (General Data Protection Regulation, 2012/0011).
All proposals were then amended and voted during the plenary session of the parliament.