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MEUT 2013 & 2012

MEU Tallinn 2012: NATO, UN and EU.

In May 2012, students from 15 different countries (including China and Russia) gathered in Tallinn for the first MEU simulation organised in Estonia. This first MEU simulated 5 different councils. The Economic and Financial Affairs Council (financial aid to countries in crises; case: 3rd package, Greece and ESM), the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (youth employment opportunities in the aging EU society; case: cross-EU minimum wage), the Justice and Home Affairs Council (Schengen expansion towards the Balkan region; case: Croatia’s accession to EU and border management with the neighbouring countries), the Foreign Affairs Council (EU-Russia relations and security in the common neigbhrourhood; partnership and cooperation agreement – to prolong or not, and how?) and the Transport, Telecommunication and Energy Council (safe transport corridors inter EU focusing on railway and maritime transport).
A Model UN and a Model NATO simulations were also organised simultaneously.

MEU Tallinn 2013

In July 2013, Euroopa Maja organised the second edition of MEU Tallinn, gathering participants from EU and non-EU countries. The simulation included four different councils as well as a plenary session of the European Parliament, enabling participants to play the roles of both Ministers and MEPs, successively.
You will find all detailed informations (including Council conclusions) about this second edition of MEU Tallinn on Euroopa Maja’s website.